2020 Pure Stock Rules


    A.     All cars entering this event must have a pre-safety inspection prior to entering the race.  If the tech sees something wrong, they will inform you, but it is your responsibility to fix it.  If it’s not fixed when you pull into the tech area after the race, you will be disqualified.  
    B.    All cars must be equipped with a working fire extinguisher mounted in the cockpit area of the car within arm’s reach of the driver.
    C.    All weights must be painted white and the car number stamped into them.
    D.    Drivelines must be painted white
    E.    All drivers must wear the following personal protective equipment as a minimum:  
    a.    Approved full face helmet
    b.    Fireproof race suits
    c.    Fireproof gloves 
    d.    Fireproof shoes
    e.    Neck restraint
    F.    Roll bar padding anywhere within reach of drivers head, arms & leg must be equipped with a 5 point race harness no older than 2 yrs. old. 
    G.    If battery is in the driver’s compartment, it must be in an approved and secured battery box.  If you box the interior, there must be a firewall between the driver and battery.
    H.    Window nets are required and must cover ¾ of the driver’s window.

    A.    Steel OEM V-8 block only.  No GM Bowtie, Ford SVO or Mopar W-2 blocks, heads or intakes allowed.  SMALL BLOCKS ONLY!
    B.    No GM Power pack heads.  No double hump heads.  OEM ONLY.
    C.    Stroke must match block.  No 400 or larger cubic inch parts allowed.
    D.    Maximum 360 cubic inches for GMs, 363 cubic inches for Fords, 370 cubic inches for Mopar.
    E.    Must use OEM or OEM like pistons.  Flat top Pistons ONLY with 4 relief valve on top of piston or dish.  Cast only piston.  Valve reliefs must be equal.
    F.    Stroke 3.48” for GM, 3.5” for Fords and Mopar.  Rod 5.75” GM, Ford and Mopar, GM engine must have GM rods, Ford engine must have Ford rods and Mopar engine must have Mopar rods.
    G.    No head work can be done on the heads.  Only machine shop work will be flat milled only.  Not angle milling.  No cutting heads for larger springs, or valve guides.
    H.    1.94 intake valves, 1.50 exhaust valves.
    I.    Open chamber OEM Steelheads only.  Must pass 76 cc test on 350 heads.  No close chamber heads allowed.  Heads must have started out as 76cc heads and not to test lower than 70cc.
    J.    No roller rocker arms.  No roller tip rocker arms.  May use stock rocker ratio no larger than 1.5” for GM.  
    K.    MAY USE 3/8 screw in studs and guide plates.
    L.    Pinning of stock stud must be a 3/8 stud.
    M.    Cannot machine block, other than flat surface deck height.  Pistons cannot be higher than the block.  No zero piston deck height allowed.
    N.    Intake:  Cast Iron:  Unaltered, approved OEM low rise, two or four-barrel.
Aluminum:  Unaltered, Weiand GM #7547, #7547-1; Ford ##7515, #8023 or #7516; Chrysler #7545, #8022; Edelbrock GM#2701; Ford #7121, #7181, #7183; Chrysler #2915.  No marine type intakes allowed.  No aluminum high rise or vortex intakes.  No porting, polishing or alterations of any kind to head and/or intake.  If it is a 4 barrel intake it must be a spread bore intake.  No Brusinski’s intakes or exhaust.
    O.    Aluminum water pump, water pump pulley, and crankshaft pulleys are OK.
    P.    Maximum cranking compression of 175lbs.  Will be checked with 1 spark plug removed and 10 Compression Strokes.  (20 revolutions)
    Q.    Hydraulic Lifters Only.  No Anti Pump Up Lifters.
    R.    MST or MSD #8728.  Must have a 6500 chip.
    S.    Crate Engine Option Below:
CRATE Engine:  http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Chevrolet-Performance-19258602-Sealed -350-602-Small-Block-Crate-Engine,67819.html (IMCA Cable Lok Seals Recommended) Crate engine MSD rev limiter #s are MSD #8728 for the 602 crate motor.  The Crates must have a 6200 chip.


    A.    Any American made full-body, rear-wheel drive passenger car or pickup.  No convertibles.  Must have full metal roof (sunroofs, T-tops must be covered with metal). Bodies must be STEEL.  Hood and Trunk may be aluminum. Aluminum sides on the body are allowed. Aluminum bodies must add 50 lbs to RF frame horn.
    B.    Wheelbase must minimum 108 inches for leaf spring and all other coil spring cars.  17 Inches for 1975 to 1987 GM Metric Cars.
    C.    Rear suspension must be OEM for that year, make and model.
    D.    Must have stock unaltered floor pan and firewall front to rear.
    E.    Stock trunk must remain.  Trunk area may be gutted and cut for fuel cell clearance up to rear of rear-end housing.  Must have trunk lid.
    F.    No Spoilers allowed.  Exception – OEM factory spoiler no taller than say 5 inches.  Car had to come with a spoiler and must be the factory spoiler mounted in stock location.
    G.    Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance.  Inner fender wells on the rear must remain.  
    H.    No Nerf bars allowed
    I.    All doors must be welded or bolted shut.  Steel door skins are OK.
    J.    OEM appearing aftermarket plastic nose piece & tailpiece allowed.  Skirting also allowed.  Recommended to match body.
    K.    Must remove all glass, chrome, door handles, mirrors and flammable material.
    L.    Must have a minimum of 4 windshield bars in front of the driver and must be at least 3.8” OD.  Screening on bars is okay.
    M.    Must have two hooks on front and rear.  The track is not responsible for tow damage.
    N.    Body must stock & be in stock location and all steel.  No aluminum bodies allowed.

    A.     Must run OEM mechanical push rod pump only.
    B.    Carburetors:  (1 ea.) part #s 4412 or 4412S or O-4412 the carb body # is 6R3250B (absolutely no racing carbs.) Stock!  No racing carbs allowed.  Metering blocks will be checked.  Adaptors allowed will be the Speedway 135-1933 or Holley 1933 on the 4bbl.  Holly bolt pattern intakes and the 135-936A for the Quadra-jet intakes.
    C.    Must run a fuel cell, with a metal container enclosure.  (22-gallon cell max).
    D.    Pump gas or racing fuel only.  (No alcohol or E85 Fuel.)

    A.     Must weigh 3000 pounds after race with driver and at the track scales.  
    B.    Bolt on weight is ok but no hidden weight allowed.  Added weight must be visible upon inspection.  Must have two ½” bolts per lead weight block.
    C.    Call added weights must be painted white and stamped with car number.

    A.    One 12 volt battery only.  Must be mounted in an approved secure battery box if in the drivers’ compartment.
    B.    Must be stock type distributor.  Must have OEM module, OEM coil, and OEM cap.  No billet parts or racing components allowed.  No racing distributors allowed.

    A.     Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½” O.D. by .095 wall thickness steel tubing.  1.75” recommended.
    B.    Minimum three door bars in each side of the cage.  Door bars = minimum size 1 ½” O.D. by .095 wall thickness steel tubing.  1.75” recommended.
    C.    Must have four 3/8” bars in front of the driver in windshield area.  Rock screen in front of the driver is highly recommended.  
    D.    1/8” thick steel plate on driver’s door and under driver’s seat mandatory.
IMCA Hobby Stocks Legal by Their Rules.  (May run pure stock tire/wheel combo.)

    A.    Must be approved OEM in OEM locations.   May have tube bumpers as long as they fit the car to OEM type bumpers.
    B.    Bumpers must be capped on the ends with no sharp edges.  
    C.    No hidden weight allowed.  All added weight must be visible.

    A.     Hoosier-ASPHALT TAKE OFFS ONLY.  Either 8 inch or 10 inch.  No mixing.
    B.    May run 8” or 10” steel wheels only.  Bead Lock OK.
    C.    1 inch maximum wheel spacers allowed.
    D.    No adaptors allowed.
    E.    One inch lug nuts mandatory on all four wheels.
    F.    No bleeder valves.
    G.    Grooving of tires allowed
    H.    No softening of tires.  They may not be softer than 50 after the race.

    A.     Steel, unaltered OEM or unaltered OEM replacement, operative on all four wheels.  All four brakes must be in working order.
    B.    Aftermarket pedal and master cylinders ok, no brake bias adjusters in reach of the driver. 
    C.    No antilock brake systems.  No brake shut off or bias adjusters allowed.
    D.    Steel brake lines only.  May drill flanges and rotors to take larger wheel studs.
    E.    May run drum or disc brakes.  Must be OEM same size as the front.

    A.    Headers- Must be 1 5/8” no step headers and run into a 3” collector.

    A.    One OEM or OEM replacement shock per wheel.  Maximum shock body diameter is 2 ¼”.  NO SCHRADER VALVE SHOCKS ALLOWED!
    B.    There is a $30.00 claim per shock and claimee may claim one or all four. (We are trying to keep the expensive shocks out of this class and we encourage all competitors to exercise your claiming rights in order to help control this expensive advantage.) In order to exercise your right to claim, Claimer must take the checkered flag to be eligible to claim and must report to an official in the infield within 5 minutes of the checkered flag with money in hand. And Claimee can only be claimed one time per year.  When race is over, claimee must go to the tech area with the exact amount of CASH and present the cash to the tech official and tell him who and how many shocks they are claiming.  Refusal to sell will result in loss of points and winnings for that event.

    A.    One steel spring Only in OEM stock locations.  May run racing springs.  
    B.    No adjustable shackles on leaf or coil springs.  Stock location only!
    C.    You may run a 1” maximum spacer in the rear springs
    D.    No adjustable spring spacers of any kind.
    E.    Leaf springs must have no more than 2” lowering blocks.  Same number of leafs on both sides with same arch and leafs springs must match.  ½ inch tolerance on leaf spring arch.
    F.    Maximum 14 inch tree height, Coil springs same height front, and back, left, right.  No spring rubber or stiffeners.

    A.    Must be OEM for that car, GM Ford to Ford, Mopar with the exception below.  Must run OEM axles. 
    B.    No torque dividing or limited slip differentials allowed.  No aluminum spools allowed. 
    C.    9” Ford rear-ends are allowed with OEM type mounts and no pinion angle.  Must match factory specifications.  Rear ends must be centered in the car.   
    D.    You may run a final drive.  All gears of the transmission must be in working order and no lightning on the transmission.  Center of rear control arms bolts must be between 2.25 inches & 2.5 inches from bottom of axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt.

    A.    All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM in OEM location and match frame.  
    B.    OEM rubber control arm bushing only.
    C.    No independent rear suspension allowed.
    D.     No pan hard bars, spring rubbers, chains or cables allowed.  Unless stock for that year, make and model.
    E.    Aftermarket OEM replacement trailing arms (Speedway metric P/N 91634055) OK.  Will be measured.  Stock bushings mandatory.  All trailing arms will be measured and must be stock measurements for the type of frame being used.

    A.     Steering must be OEM
    B.    May have a solid shaft steering column.  Collapsible Shaft Recommended.

    A.     Must have OEM transmission, 10.5” flywheel, stock clutch.  Functioning OEM torque converter.  (No dummy torque converters and no altered torque converters of any kind).  Coolers are ok, must be mounted in front of the radiator.  All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
    B.    Manual Transmissions:
    a.    Must have 10.5 inch clutch disc.  Flywheel must weight a minimum of 16lbs. Steel pressure plate and clutch disc only and the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate must weigh 35 lbs. minimum.  Hydraulic release bearing is allowed.  No lightweight assemblies allowed.
    b.    Must have steel or cast iron bell-housing with a recommended explosion proof blanket or shield.  No aluminum bell housings allowed.
    C.    Automatic Transmissions:  
    a.    Must be unaltered OEM, with an unaltered pump.  Must be in original bell housing with a minimum 10” torque converter and converter must hold a minimum of three quarts of fluid.  Must have a shield around outside of converter housing.  Flexplate must be full, unaltered OEM or OEM replacement.

    A.    Drive shaft must be painted white and must have a safety chain or driveshaft look.  Must be made of steel.  No aluminum drive shafts.

    A.    All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.  
    B.    OEM rubber A-frame bushing only.  No off-set or slotted.
    C.    No lowering spindles and OEM must match OEM frame to spindles and control arms.  
    D.    Cannot have any type of spacer or weight adjuster on the front suspension.
    E.    OEM stock size & height ball joints that match car make and model of car.
    F.    Stock replacement tubular upper A-frames OK.  No screw in ball joints.  No swedge tubes.  Must have a cross shaft and mount to unaltered stock mount.  (The purpose of allowing tubular uppers is to give a cheaper alternative to stock uppers.)









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