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Enduro Rules









Enduro General Rules


1. The first car to reach 150 laps or the leader after 2.5 hours is the winner.


2. Each car and driver must be entered. Passengers are allowed.


3. The race will begin from a standing start with a maximum of 130 cars starting.


4. Cars must hold their position until the green flag is displayed.


5. The red flag will be displayed if the track is blocked and racing can't continue, all cars must stop. (cars moving under the red will receive a 5 lap penalty). The race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag. A car involved in the blockage that can continue may do so.


6. Cars will be allowed to enter the pits for repairs or servicing. Re-entry to the racing surface will be allowed as the pit official indicates. Pit stops will be permitted under green conditions only. (pitting under/during a red flag will result in a 5 lap penalty unless the car was already on pit road before the red came out).


7. No communication between cars, crew or spectators. Two-way radios are not permitted in cars, pits or grandstands.


8. Transponders will be used for scoring. Each car must have a transponder mounted before entering the racing surface. Drivers will be responsible for the transponder mounted to their car. If a transponder is lost or damaged, the driver is responsible for repair or replacement.


9. Pit stops must be achieved in an orderly and safe fashion. Cars entering the pit area may not exceed 5 mph or will be disqualified.


10. There will be a claiming rule in effect for competitors. Any car that finishes in the money can be claimed by the driver, owner, or another car that entered the event. The price will be $1500.00 cash. Safety equipment is not included in the claim. If the owner of the car being claimed does not accept the $1500.00, he does not get paid for any position. All claiming must be done within 10 minutes of the completion of the event and must be in





Suspension, Tires, Wheels

1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of that car.


2. Springs must be of an OEM design. No overload shocks with coilover springs. One spring and shock in original mount only.


3. Stock wheels only. No racing wheels or offset wheels. DOT legal tires must pass through a 9" hoop at the bulge. No gumball tires, no studded tires. All season radial allowed.


1. The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. No aftermarket external air coolers.


2. A/C and heat components may be removed.


3. Smog equipment may be removed.


4. Minimum 18lbs of vacuum at 1000 RPM.


5. Air cleaner to oil pan must be all factory equipment!


6. Radiator may be replaced with aftermarket unit.


Car and Body

1. Any 1960 or newer car is eligible. No pick-ups, four wheel drives, jeeps type vehicles. 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines allowed. Minimum stock wheelbase allowed is 105 inches for V8, 88 inches for V6 or 4 cylinder.


2. Roll cage optional. Roll cage may not extend into engine compartment. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance. EXAMPLE: you may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it with door bars.


3. No bracing in the bumper areas. However, bumpers must be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper.


4. All doors must be closed. Recommend welded, chained or bolted shut.


5. Removal of windshield is optional. If removed, 1/3 of opening must be replaced with a screen (must be completely covered if carrying a passenger).


6. Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are recommended. Racing seats allowed.


7. All burnable type material, floor mats, head liners, rear seats, etc. must be removed. The rear seat shelf must be left in as a fire stop, and any openings to the trunk area must be enclosed if aftermarket fuel cell is mounted in trunk.


8. Complete bumper to bumper steel unibody must be retained. No lightening permitted.


9. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls and trunk must be retained. (fuel cells, properly attached may be located in trunk.)


10. Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed. Hoods must be kept in place at all times.


11. Mesh window nets are permitted, but must be removable.


12. Front inner fenders may be removed, rear inner fenders must remain. Wheel wells may be trimmed for tire clearance only.


13. No added weight allowed! No spare parts, extra battery, water bottles, tires, etc... may be carried while racing.


1. Stock transmission and rear end only. No aftermarket external oil coolers.



1. Fuel cells permitted, and may be placed in the trunk area if securely fastened, or gas tanks must be original and remain in original location. Must have two (2) metal holding straps.


2. Batteries may be relocated but must be contained in a marine container or comparable container securely fastened.


3. Headlights, tail lights and all chrome must be removed.


4. Any loss of wheel or tire requires your immediate leaving the race course. Continuing on a flat tire is not permitted.


5. Rupture of your gas tank and/or loss of gas requires immediate black flag.


6. No locked rears.


7. Approved helmet required.


8. Any driver climbing out of a car while on the racing surface during the green flag will be disqualified. NO Exception!


9. Cars will hold their position until the green flag is displayed.


10. The yellow flag will not be used. If there are cars with breakdowns or crashed, the other cars will avoid them and continue to race.


11. The red flag will be displayed ONLY if the track is blocked and racing cannot continue. All cars must stop under the red flag. The race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag. Any car involved in the blockage that can continue to race may do so. The flagman will indicate the middle of the race. The white flag will indicate the leader is on the final lap.


Starting Position Assignment

1. All starting position numbers will be assigned in the order of entry into the event.  Cars that do not pre-register must bring a can of spray paint (in a contrasting color to the base color of the car) to add the number to the car at the track. Drivers registering after deadline or day of the event will start at the rear of the field.















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